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In June of 1891, following the betrayal and murder of Sitting Bull, the wives and children of Sitting Bull and approximately 200 Hunkpapa Lakotas left the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in order to preserve the heritage and bloodline of Sitting Bull.

They arrived safely in the Badlands on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and stayed close to the western edge of the Badlands close to present-day Red Shirt Table.  When strangers approached, they slipped into the Badlands and their presence was undetected for about a year.  In 1892, they were discovered and asked to enroll into the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  This is the reason why there are no direct lineal descendants left on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

Ernie La Pointe, the only living great-grandson, and his sister Marlene Little Spotted Horse-Andersen, one of two living great-granddaughters, hold many stories about their ancestor which were told to them by their mother Angelique Spotted Horse-LaPointe and grandfathers John Sitting Bull (Refuses Them) and Henry Little Soldier.

There are many events in the life of Sitting Bull that have been fabricated by people falsely claiming to be related to him.

On December 5, 2007, ten days prior to the 117th anniversary of Sitting Bull's murder, the leggings he wore on the morning of his murder and the lock of his hair that were taken for souvenirs, were repatriated by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History to the family.

A goal of the Sitting Bull Famiy Foundation, Inc. ("SBFF") is to set the record straight about Sitting Bull and to provide, with legal documentation, a detailed family tree and information about the events leading up to his murder.

Sitting Bull's Family Tree

Sitting Bull's Great-Grandchildren

Please note, the family and friends mourn the passing of a beloved sister, mother, aunt, grandmother and friend, Lydia Little Spotted Horse-Red Paint passed away peacefully on Friday, September 4, 2009.

The family and friends mourn Marlene Little Spotted Horse-Andersen's journey to the Sacred land of our ancestors.  Her Spirit began her journey at 4:54 PM. March 2, 2011 

Sitting Bull's wives and daughters after Sitting Bull was murdered (from left to right):
Lodge In Sight (d), Four Robes (w),
Seen By Her Nation (w), Standing Holy (d)
Sitting Bull's daughter Standing Holy (Mary Sitting Bull)
Sitting Bull's granddaughter Angelique Spotted Horse-LaPointe (daughter of Standing Holy) and her youngest son Ernie LaPointe
Sitting Bull's great-grandchildren (from left to right, top to bottom):
Lydia Little Spotted Horse-Red Paint, Ernie LaPointe, Marlene Little Spotted Horse-Andersen, Ethel Little Spotted Horse-Bates
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